Little Victory: Chimera (2016)
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With the intel provided by Smoker, Vicky
starts to close in on Crippin's base of
Little Victory: Chimera (2015)
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Vicky races to defend a school from a
monster attack and is surprised by both the
identity of the creature and its apparent target.
Little Victory: Chimera (2013)
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Vicky and the authorities are on the trail of the man behind the mutagenic attacks, as is the mysterious “Smoker”, whose agenda remains unclear.
Little Victory: Chimera (2012)
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Vicky continues her investigation into the
random mutations which have struck the
population of San Francisco, unaware that
another party is conducting a similar (if more brutal) search for the source.
Little Victory: Chimera (2010)
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Young new superhero, Vicky, continues to
thwart the nefarious machinations of local
super-villains, while beginning her first
investigation and finally getting a bite to eat.
Little Victory: Chimera (2010)
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Young Vicky (AKA Victory Girl) arrives in
San Franciso to take up her new post as the West Coast's primary super hero. While the general population see this as a cause for celebration, the region's super villains are only interested in testing her limits.
Little Victory: Children of Arras (2009)
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A prelude to Little Victory, following events
beginning in the 1940s through to the 1990s that shape the world in which the series takes place.